Fox Gordon has been a proud partner of Sony Foundation, the charity backed by the Sony group of companies in Australia, for over 13 years. Providing our premium wines for Sony Foundation’s star-studded long lunches for the media and entertainment industry in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which have raised nearly $10 million over the years.


Sony Foundation Australia aims to improve young Australian’s health and wellbeing through positive experiences and social change in areas underfunded by society. Funds go towards improving the lives of young Australians with cancer through their ‘You Can’ initiative building youth cancer centres in adult public hospitals around Australia and funding age appropriate services and research focused on 15 – 25 year olds. Sony Foundation’s Children’s Holiday Camp program for children with disability operates in high schools and universities around Australia, offering a holiday of a lifetime for these children and free respite for the families and carers. Sony Foundation also works with youth charities who specialize in supporting youth experiencing homelessness or disadvantage.


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The Ruby Tuesday Foundation provides opportunities for children to participate in sport, extra curricular and community activities. The foundation partners with schools to offer all children in Year 5 & 6 in South Australian schools a targeted unit of education based on its core values of fun loving, kindness, inclusion, respect and gratitude.


Ruby Warner passed away in 2020 at the age of 12.


“Ruby was a special girl. She had an insatiable passion for school and for sports and she loved to run – whether it be on the athletics track, the basketball court or simply in the back yard. Running, she said, made her feel… “free”.


But it was her caring spirit that her family, friends and school teachers noticed from a very young age. Ruby wanted everyone to have a chance and not feel left out. The love and joy that she found in school and in sports and competition was something that Ruby wanted everyone to experience, and to never be denied because of family circumstance.


Thus for anyone that knew Ruby well enough, the Ruby Tuesday Foundation is a reflection of Ruby and everything she stood for. It is a reflection of how Ruby saw the world, seeing the goodness in everyone and of wanting to help others to ensure that no one missed out on life opportunities.”


We are incredibly honoured to support this foundation and if you would also like to know more or make a donation, please visit the Ruby Tuesday Foundation here.